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Aid your local community via short-term work placements!

Thank you for your interest in our work experience placement scheme.

As part of HYA Training's Study Programme, all learners who are undertaking a vocational qualification are required to complete a work placement in order to successfully achieve their qualification. As such, we are always looking for new employers to engage with us in offering vital practical experience to our young students.
Most work experience placements last for two weeks, giving a short but immediate burst of additional productivity within your work force.
We have a dedicated Work Placements Officer who will act as your main contact throughout the placement period. You will recieve full support from us to ensure that the student you employ will be of benefit to your organisation, whilst they are in turn able to reap the rewards of real-life work experience within their favoured industry.

For those employers who would like to take on a young person for a longer amount of time, we would recommend registering for the 'industry placement' scheme, which guarantees an additional pair of hands for a minimum of 315 hours across the academic year.
HYA Training will be happy to chat with you about the benefits to your business, as both our traditional work experience and industry placement scheme can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

I'm interested in taking on a placement student!

If you feel like your business could benefit from a work placement employee, or if you would like more information around the process of taking a work placement student(s), as well as the benefits they can offer to you and your business, then please contact us by following the below link.

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