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What are the benefits of taking on an apprentice?

Hiring an apprentice comes with some great benefits for both you and your company, with 96% of employers stating they are beneficial to their overall business (National Apprenticeship Service's publication 'Employer Guide to Apprenticeships').

Here's what you can expect;

  • An apprentice is with you to learn – you can expect an engaged and enthusiastic addition to your team.
  • Apprentices help to free up time for existing staff members within your business, increasing productivity.
  • Apprentices help to organically grow your company, whilst keeping your staffing costs down.
  • Up to 95% qualification funding for SME's.
  • An effective use of your company apprenticeship levy scheme (for larger employers).
  • Incentive payments of up to £1000 (For more information on incentive payments and the government funding process please click here).


What are the benefits of using HYA Training?

HYA Training are specialists in tailoring the recruitment process of apprentices around your business, whilst ensuring we can get the best out of your new member of staff.

Also, given that HYA Training offer a diverse portfolio of apprenticeship and development programmes, its more than likely that we will be running qualifications that meets your company’s needs.

Whereas some educational providers have a single agenda of learning for all of their students, HYA Training specifically plan each course to fit in with the learner’s schedule of work, as well as their individual educational requirements. This guarantees that they are evolving their skills from day one.

We also have a dedicated 'Welfare Support Officer' that is available to all of our apprenticeship and in-house learners. Our WSO has strong links within local support organisations and can help signpost any learners to any appropriate help that they may need throughout their studies with us.


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