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HYA Training has helped thousands of learners over the years. As an organisation, we're proud to have positively changed so many lives, enabling each and every one of the to progress onto real careers within our local community.
HYA Training is passionate about helping those students who feel they have obstacles to overcome, by providing the assistance and reassurance that breeds success. Our next success story could be you!

Craig's Amazing Feedback

Craig works for MESMAC, a service dedicated to providing fully inclusive advice & guidance on sexual health and wellbeing. Having recently completed his Level 3 Senior Health Care Support Worker Standard, he has been nice enough to provide us with his thoughts and feelings around his experience learning with HYA;

"I have really enjoyed my time studying with HYA and especially working with Sharon.
Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge in adult care but she was also brilliant at bringing out my knowledge. I’m far from academic and really struggle putting my knowledge and experience into words. Sharon really helped with this, where possible changing things around and doing video assessments/observations (which was an extra challenge due to COVID).
When written pieces were required (such as journals), (Sharon) took the time to advise me on the types of things I could write about, pulling on experiences she had of my job role and helping me to put what I do day-in, day-out, into a legible piece of writing.

Sharon was also great at keeping me going, especially when I lacked motivation at the beginning of lockdown and checking in with me to see if I needed any support.
In the times were my motivation peaked and I was getting through units quickly, Sharon was quick to ensure I had new units set, to keep my motivation and unit completion up.
(She) really managed to take quite a daunting task of studying, and made it leaps and bounds easier."

HYA Training would like to congratulate Craig on the successful completion of his apprenticeship, and for his very kind words. Our students are what make us who we are, and Craig is a great example of someone taking on a huge task but reaping the rewards of his hard work. Well done Craig!

Posted - 10/11/2021

Sian's Success Story

Sian works with a local independant healthcare provider who do a lot of work on behalf of the national NHS. She is taking a Business Administrator L3 apprenticeship qualification with HYA Training.

Sian has recently informed us that after competing the project management module (which forms part of the administration level 3 qualification) as well as her own individual projects at work, she made a decision to apply for an internal vacancy within her organisation's Project Team. This type of role really interested her given the amount of new information she had learnt around project management as part of her qualification.
Sian has since told us that during the interview she was asked about her project management knowledge and her direct involvement within company projects. This was therefore the perfect time to talk about the projects she has conducted whilst with learning with HYA Training. She also used all of the correct key terminology to help her answer the interview questions.
Sian has since informed us that she received really good feedback from the interview, so much so that she got the job!

It's great to see how our apprenticeships qualifications can be a major asset to our students when going for promotions within the workplace. Well done Sian!

Posted - 4/9/2021

Rachel's Success Story

Rachel works for our one of our local NHS Trusts, within the team handling the local COVID-19 response. Currently enrolled in a Level 3 Business Administrator qualification, she has been kind enough to write out her experiences thus far during her studies with HYA Training, giving you an insight into how things have worked during the pandemic:

I have been able to achieve two qualifications through HYA (Training), and now I am half-way through my third! Studying with HYA helped me to appreciate my job role, reflect on what I achieve over the course of studying, and also to showcase the skills I had learned in the workplace. Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, HYA has been committed to keeping learners like me safe, while still maintaining crucial contact and support. I have been able to maintain good progress on my most recent course despite the restrictions, as the OneFile (apprenticeship portfolio) system keeps my Development Tutor and I connected and provides me with an easy to use system for me to submit my units & get feedback. My Development Tutor still supports me throughout the Pandemic with regular MS Teams Progress Reviews, sending useful online resources relevant to units I am working on, and I know she is only a phone call away if I need extra support. HYA’s PREVENT Lead and Welfare Support Officer, Samantha, is also always available. Though I have never needed to speak to her myself, HYA provides all learners with the details of staff that they can contact with any issues related to their qualification or the work place, including Health and Safety, Safeguarding and PREVENT.

It's great to hear that our students are able to progress within their roles, whilst being in areas that are under such pressure at the present time. Well done Rachel!

Whilst Rachel's words are incredibly kind, we simply can't do what we do without our dedicated, hard-working students. Therefore, all of Team HYA would like to say a big THANK-YOU to all of our apprentices - you have all been nothing short of amazing during the last 12, very difficult, months.

Posted - 3/3/2021

Jess' Success Story

Next, we have Jess, who joined a local private healthcare provider as an apprentice administrator. Working within the Training team, Jess helped to manage the day to day staff development programmes to ensure that the organisation was working to the best of their ability! It's the first we've heard of an apprentice helping to organise the training of other apprentices, but we can't think of a better opportunity to learn about the inner workings of education within the healthcare sector.

Working closely with her HYA tutor Emma, we're happy to announce that Jess successfully completed her Level 2 Business Administration and Functional Skills ICT qualifications.

Following on from the success in her apprenticeship, Jess put herself forward for a permanent position within the team. Guess what? She got the job!

Well done Jess!

Posted - 22/1/2021

Nicola's Success Story

HYA Training are dedicated to promoting success and progression within our local area and beyond. It's therefore particularly special when we see one of our students go onto the next step of their career.

Nicola is a great example of this! As part of her career progression, she chose to improve her maths & English qualifications in order to provide a pathway into her dream job - nursing. Alongside her HYA tutor, Debbie, we're happy to confirm that Nicola has now passed both of her Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications, which led to her successful application to the degree nursing course at the Univeristy of Coventry.

What's more, given Nicola is based in Whitby, all of her tuition was performed remotely - a great example of distance learning in practice.

Congratulations Nicola!

Posted - 19/1/2021

Enabling Technology In Our Study Programme

As part of our ongoing dedication to our students, we are proud to annouce we have secured funding for 30 brand new educational devices to be rolled out across our Study Programme. It's a great move forward for HYA Training in our pursuit to enable our students to have equial opportunities as part of their education.

You can read the full story here.

Posted - 7/12/2020

Breeding Success in Leadership!

HYA Training's Management qualifications offer experienced workers a chance to vastly develop their future career opportunites. So to recieve such kind words from one of our students, Stephen, really proves how education can help develop our community.

Stephen was good enough to provide us with a glowing recommendation, after successfully achieving his Level 5 Management qualification:

I would like to express my appreciation and sincere gratitude for the help and support Pearl Armstrong (Operations Director) and your organisation has provided during my two year pursuit of the accredited OCR Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership (qualification).

I feel very fortunate to have encountered such expertise within the HYA organisation; principally the organisations work ethic, attentiveness and calibre of commitment to the outcomes of my learning needs. My assessor and mentor Cynthia Robinson has been instrumental with her knowledge, skills base and support, and I doubt if I would have been able to have been successful without her passion, drive, belief and commitment to my learning.

I now look forward to implementing all of the Management and Leaderships skills I have acquired.

Congratulations Stephen, an impressive qualification that is very much deserved!

Posted - 23/10/2020

Will's Success Story

Will originally joined HYA Training to retake his GCSE's, but quickly found a desire to learn something new!

After joining HYA's Study Programme to improve his grades in both GCSE maths & English, Will soon discovered that our vocational options would be a great way of enhancing his personal development. Armed with the dream to one day become a pilot, Will decided to dive head first into a selction of extra qualifications!

Will ended up joining our level 2 Warehousing & Storage course, so that he could gain some valueable knowledge of supply chains, customer service & mechanical storage systems. We're thrilled to say that not only did he pass his warehousing qualification, but he also took the time to learn about alcohol abuse & substance misuse, gaining certificates in both studies, as well as taking courses on employability skills. Did we mention that he also passed both his GCSE's?!!

After leaving HYA Training will a total of 6(!) new qualifications under his belt, Will has now progressed onto studying level 3 Engineering at a local college. Congratulations on your hard work, Will! Very well deserved.

Posted - 5/10/2020

Alix's Success Story

Alix joined HYA's Study Programme, taking our Health & Social Care study route. Look how far she's come:

Alix spent two years with HYA Training, studying various qualifications including Health & Social Care, GCSE English and Functional Skills maths.

Whilst joining a new training provider can be daunting to the most confident of people, Alix took to life with HYA quickly. She quickly progressed with her studies, and was immediately recognised by her tutors for her hard work and contribution within the classroom. It's great testament to Alix's determination to succeed that she managed to pass her first year vocational course as part of our Study Programme.

2020 came along, and with it, big changes to how education would work. Alix attended her 1:1 workshops with her tutor and continued to work hard on her level 3 Health & Social care qualification, all the while holding down a job as a key worker in the community! We're really proud to say that Alix passed not only her vocational qualification but also her GCSE English and Functional Skills maths!

So, what next?
Alix has now used her time with HYA Training to progress onto an Access to Nursing course with Hull University! Well done Alix.

Posted - 1/10/2020

NHS Success Story #3

I am a Nutritional Apprentice for the Department of Medical Elderly at Hull Royal Infirmary. This covers wards; 8; 80; 9 and 90.

I started working within the NHS on the 9th January 2017 and originally started my post with only wards 8 and 80, however now nearly towards the end of my apprenticeship with HYA Training i am working across all 4 elderly wards which I see as a great achievement! I have always been interested in the health care sector and now finally working within such a big organisation I can honestly say it feels amazing. I have received great support throughout my course by both HYA Training and my employer. I have found the Level 2 in Support Services course very challenging at times but having that support there has allowed me to power through.

Starting my job role was a massive change for me and did prove very difficult at first, however I jumped in at the deep end and made my job role work for me by getting into a routine. I think the reason I made this job work is because whenever I felt myself becoming uncomfortable, I would set myself a new challenge.

I feel grateful for having this opportunity and finding a job I can honestly say I love! I am now waiting to start my new job as an Auxiliary Nurse which i am pleased is still based within elderly medicine and will be continuing my learning with HYA Training hoping to set a positive image on the future apprentices that may think about doing this course or similar.

Anything is achieveable when you put your mind to it!

Posted - 06/09/2017

NHS Success Story #2

At the beginning of December 2015, I began my journey as a HEY apprentice.

When first starting the apprenticeship I was based within the Mortuary and Bereavement Services where I assisted in post mortem room and also with the administration work. However, after 6 months of getting into the apprenticeship I transferred to the main hospital building where I am now working as a Recreational Co-ordinator on wards 8 & 80.

It is my role to interact with the elderly patients on the wards in order to make their stay within the hospital less lonely as it can sometimes be. I carry out different activities on a daily basis with the patients from nail painting/ manicures to playing card games or dominoes and even providing patients with things such as word searches and crosswords so that they have something to do when we aren’t there (i.e. on a weekend).

Just recently we held an event based around Hull Fair I contributed towards this by making some homemade fudge and brandy snap, as well as creating a big collage which had pictures of the different things from the rides to the foods and the gold fish for the patients to look at and be able to remember their favourite things at the fair.

I helped out with the bake sale that was held on ward 90 by baking a delicious chocolate cake and some other sweet treats. I also dressed up and the character Elsa from the film Frozen as I knew we were going through the hospital and onto the children’s ward. This was a great thing for me to do as it helped in building my confidence within this role.

I have also held a film afternoon for the patients on both wards of 9 & 90, where the patients who want to could see the film ‘Singing in the Rain’. This was a really good thing as they were all smiling and singing along to the songs in the film. This made me feel very happy as I knew that I had done something good for the patients and it also broke up their day meaning that they had something to do.

At the moment I am still a recreational coordinator for the medical elderly but I will shortly be moving onto starting a new role as a Porter within the hospital site or at Castle Hill Hospital. As an apprentice who has working in two completely different environments has helped me in many ways from building my confidence to allowing me to transfer the skills that I have into another area of work.

Posted - 08/03/2017

Talent Match - Success Story

This learner was on our Talent Match provision and started with us in August 2016. Very quiet and low on self-confidence, she had dyscalculia and dyspraxia and was also experiencing mental illness in the form of anxiety and depression. She had never worked before and was claiming Employment and Support Allowance. Our learner was encouraged to undertake work-related activities but was not required to look for work.

She wanted to work within health and social care and had a keen interest in mental health work due to her personal experiences. Encouraged by her tutor, she started her programme at HYA by completing some careers research. This enabled her to produce an action plan which gave her clear steps to follow in order for her to achieve her goal of becoming a support worker, either for people with mental health difficulties or for people who had experienced domestic abuse. From that moment she began to work on her employability skills.

Supported by her tutor, HYA Training's learner spent a lot time developing her ability to write and update a CV, how to completed job applications, how to write cover letters and how to perform confidently in an interview.

Meanwhile, her benefits were changed to Job Seeker’s Allowance which meant that she had to start actively applying for work. The tutor at HYA Training spent some time developing her job search skills so that she could conduct her own searches and she signed up for email job alerts and began to apply for jobs. The switch in benefits left her temporarily short on money and she could not afford to pay her gas bill or put on her heating. She was unable to get a shower or bath and was also unable to wash her clothes effectively as she did not have a washing machine and was handwashing her clothes. HYA Training arranged to pay its learner's gas bill and the arrears that had accrued so she could put her heating on and keep herself clean. She was provided with information about crisis loans from the job centre so that she could apply for one and buy herself a washing machine and, in the meantime, HYA Training arranged for her to come in and use their own washing machine and tumble-dryer until which time she had her own. Our learner was also provided with some toiletries and a voucher for the food bank to tide her over until she received her new benefits.

She quickly began to be offered job interviews and she was successful in gaining a full-time role at Caremark as a Care Assistant Support Worker. She has now completed and passed her initial training and will shortly be starting job shadowing in order to prepare her for going out on her own to clients. Our learner's employer stated that “although she was very quiet in the interview and took her time to answer the questions, the answers she gave were spot on and she spoke about key things such as respect for the clients”. This was great news, as she and her tutor had invested lots of time developing her interview skills. The past learner has said that she that the best thing about the Talent Match programme is that she has learned to do things herself e.g. update her CV, search and apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. She also said that she is more confident since she started the programme and her IT skills are much better. She even helps her friends with their job search activities now!

She and her employer are being further supported by the MOBY Project, delivered by Humber Learning Consortium, which offers a free unique bespoke mentoring package available to employers when recruiting individuals with learning and hidden disabilities. The package provides businesses with tailored support to make their organisation disability confident, and therefore have the ability to access a broader range of skills. This support, combined with in-work support from HYA Training for her, will hopefully ensure that she goes on to sustain and succeed in her new role!

Posted - 23/12/2016