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Company Strategic Plan 2018-2021

As part of HYA Training's ongoing plan to provide the best quality of education to our learners, we have outlined our main aims via a three-year strategic plan. This is to coincide with our company 'Mission, Vision and Values', which are stated below:

Our Mission:
To provide a range of high-quality learning provision, meeting the individual needs of our local and wider community.

Our Vision:
We seek to be the provider of choice, using innovation and the latest technologies in offering a variety of provision which meets the needs of the local community whilst encouraging individual learners to flourish within their personal and professional development.

Our Values:
• Challenge and inspire
• Be innovative and enjoyable
• Value individuality
• Embrace change

To see our strategic plan for 2018-2021, click here.

Complaints Policy

To download our Complaints Policy, click here.

Continuous Professional Development Policy

To see our Continuous Professional Development Policy, click here.

Cookie Policy

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment/Policy (2020)

To read our company risk assessment following the emergence and impact of COVID-19, click here.

CCTV Policy

To read our CCTV Policy, click here.

Disability Committed Statement

To see our Disability Committed centre-certification, click here.

Employer Engagement Policy

To download our Employer Engagement Policy, click here.

Equal Opportunities Policy

To download our Equal Opportunities Policy, click here.

Health & Safety Policy

To download our Health & Safety Policy, click here.

Management Fees Policy

HYA Training Limited are committed to offering high quality study programme provisions and apprenticeship programmes to its learners who wish to develop their skills, understanding, level of education and employment prospects through a comprehensive delivery model that is further supported and enhanced by a third-party training provider.

HYA Training Limited will ensure any delivery, that is funded through Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) grants and public funding, is represented by a high-quality learner experience and is good and proper use of public monies.

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MATRIX Certification

To see our MATRIX information, advice & guidance certificate, click here.

Privacy Policy

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Safeguarding & Prevent Policies

To download our Safeguarding Policy, click here.

To download our Prevent Policy, click here.

Tuition Fund Statement (2021/2022)

To read our company tuition fund (16-19) statement for 2021/22, click here.

HYA Training - Ofsted Report

To view our latest Ofsted report, click here.

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