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Making A Difference To Young People...

There are thousands of young people currently out of training, education and employment in the UK.
HYA Training are dedicated to getting them back on track to gaining a successful career in an industry that they excel in. It's our belief that all of these people are potential employees, they all have aspirations and talent and all they need is a chance to show what they can achieve within a business. Many of these young people simply want the chance to gain some valuable experience in the workplace - maybe your business could help?

How Can I Help To Provide These Opportunities?

HYA Training's Traineeship programme is a full-time, personalised vocational learning programme, tailored to meet the needs, interests and aspirations of our 16-18 year old students. Our programme leads to a mix of accredited qualifications that enable progression whilst building essential skills, knowledge and experience of working in a specific industry.

By joining our Traineeship programme, you will be helping to support young people by building their confidence, skills and industry experience, whilst HYA Training challenge them to get the vital qualifications they need to progress to full-time employment.

So, What's Involved?

A Trainee will be working with for your organisation for a minimum of six weeks, or as long as six months, covering a minimum of 70 working hours in total. This time at work in un-paid, as it is classed as an vocational work experience placement.
The amount of days spent at the workplace per week can vary, depending on both the requirements of your business, and the students educational needs. At lease two days per week will be spent at HYA Training, where the student can develop their core skills such as maths, English and employability. Some students may even be able to access vocational qualifications directly related to your industry, giving them a keen insight into the requirements of the job. This insight can then be transferred directly into becoming an effective member of your team.


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Why Should You Get Involved?

With traineeships, you easily bring in extra help to see you through a particularly busy period, allowing your business to continue to grow. What's more, utilising a trainee can help you understand and analyse if your business could benefit from a future long-term/permanent employee.
On top of this, you would also be giving your community a massive boost by giving young people the real-world experience that is becoming ever more valuable as the competition for full-time employment rises.

Is There Any Financial Aid?

Yes! For the remainder of 2020, you could secure up to £1,000 per Trainee! Check out our employer incentives page to learn more.

Can You Help?

If you feel you can help a young person by offering a Traineeship work placement or would simply like to find out more, please contact us via the link below. Remember, bringing on a Trainee requires minimal administration and could make a real difference to the life of a young person, who potentially could be your next star worker!

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