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Moving young people forward… There are thousands of young people currently out of training, education and employment in the UK. All of these people are potential employees, all of these people have aspirations and talent and all they need is a chance to show what they can achieve within a business.

Providing Job Opportunities for young people

HYA Training's Fast4ward programme is a full time, personalised, vocational learning programme, tailored to meet the needs of 16-18 year olds interests and aspirations. Our programmes lead to a mix of accredited qualifications that enable you to progress in the way you wish whilst gaining essential skills, knowledge and experience of working in your chosen vocational area.

Fast4Ward is a dynamic programme of learning that will support young people in building their confidence, their functional skills and their employability. This gives them easier access to employment either when they move on from Fast4Ward or after further training. Within Fast4Ward they will have the opportunity to experience a working enviroment by going on a placement. They will have the opportunity to build vocational skills and understand more about the employment opportunities open to them.


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Why should you get involved?...

With traineeships, you can help your business grow and gain help in a busy period. This service can help you understand if your business could benefit from a future longer-term employee. This also helps our learners through giving them expereince that is becoming increasingly more valuable as there is more competition for job placements.

Benefits to the employer...

Employers who are prepared to support the initiative by offering work placements to young people, offering first hand experience of the workplace. It helps make up their minds about their future and develops their confidence and skills. It gives them a taste of the wider skills and knowledge needed to be employable. There are also many benefits to employers and from answering skill shortages and becoming a real part of the community, to having a chance to see how potential employees suit your organisation’s culture.

Can you help?...

If you feel you can help a young person on Fast4Ward by offering a work placement or would like to find our more, please contact us. It requires minimal administration and could make a real difference to the life of a young person, who potentially, could be your next star.

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